Lizzo hopes Chris Evans is ‘somewhere being fine as hell with his shirt off’ laughing at her thirst posts

From Li'l America to Beyoncé's beautician services to her birthday gift to herself, Lizzo is out spreading and dispelling rumours.
September 13, 2021 3:32 p.m. EST
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Apparently some of us *looks directly in mirror* need to stop taking TikTok so seriously. Case in point: Lizzo was not, in fact, pregnant with Chris Evans' Li'l America when half of the entertainment media covered her TikTok joke that she was. Cool it, people. Just because you want it to be true with your whole heart doesn't mean it is. Chris Evans approved, but Lizzo is a little worried that he's going to think her fan-love is bordering on upsetting 

"I'm not pregnant, that's sh*t (sorry, that's stuff)," she told Etalk's Chloe Wilde recently. "TikTok is a wild place. Sometimes it's so fun to just reply to some of the wild rumours and theories and comments people have to say on that app." 

"He probably thinks I'm so annoying!" she continued, admitting that she never meant for the joke to go so far. "He's like, 'Okay, girl!' I just hope it makes him laugh somewhere. He's somewhere being fine as hell with his shirt off holding an axe and he just looks at his phone and he's like ah ha ha." (TBH her impression of what Chris Evans' laugh sounds like cannot be done justice in written form.) 

She did say, however, that she would name the hypothetical, nonexistent baby "Chrizzo" so we're still holding out the smallest sliver of hope that this pairing might happen one day. 

We should probably be grateful for the Lizzo pairing we already got this year. After teases and the pleas from fans, she finally paired up with Cardi B for this summer's "Rumors." And it sounds like making the song and music video was as much fun as it looked like. We just wanna hang out with Cardi and Lizzo on Mount Olympus! Is that too much to ask??

"It's a great time when I'm with Cardi B! We had so much fun making the video," Lizzo said. "Because of COVID, we couldn't physically be together to make the song but we were on FaceTime with each other and that was just as fun. She's great and really such a supportive person." 

Oh and that Drake line? Was Lizzo... maybe, manifesting another celeb romance? 

"I don't think that was the goal. I think the line was just me talking my sh*t and I think time will only tell what happens between me and him," she said. "But some of the rumours on there are true and some of the rumours are not true so who knows?" 

Overall, it seems Lizzo is really leaning into her birthday gift to herself. Back in April, the singer posted a birthday video montage of herself and explained that she's spent a lot of her life as a giver of love while  minimizing the importance of allowing herself to receive love back.

"This year I finally accepted the love people have been waiting to give back to me," she said a the time. "I know it's not easy, but I implore you to allow yourself to be loved. The whole world is waiting to give you everything you deserve—you just have to open your arms." A few months later, Lizzo says that commitment is really filling her up. 

"It's going really well," she said. "I think that I'm a very giving person so I'm just always giving whether it's at my shows, whether it's in my job or my team or whether it's in my friendships -- I'm always giving. And I think that it can be exhausting if you don't learn how to receive that love and that support right back."

"It's scary letting your guard down but after you've done that, the rewards are beautiful."


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