Janet Jackson surprises UCLA gymnast on FaceTime after her dance routine goes viral

The viral routine was set to a bold medley of Jackson's songs.
Published February 22, 2021 12:22 p.m. EST
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Janet Jackson is eternal. Which is exactly why UCLA gymnast Margzetta Frazier performed a dazzling dance routine set to a thumping medley of her songs, including "Nasty."

The routine, which was posted to UCLA Gymnastics' Twitter in early February, quickly went viral, catching the attention of Jackson herself who surprised Frazier with a FaceTime call on Friday, generously posted to her own social media for us all to take in.

Donning a mask like a perfect citizen of the world, and in that iconic honey voice, Jackson said, "I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent. It's so beautiful to see you tumble. Really inspiring. It just inspired me to want to do more, and do better and be stronger. I loved it. Absolutely loved it."

She continued, "I would one day love to learn to tumble. And if I do, I would love for you to teach me! I did it once in the video 'Pleasure Principle,' and the way it was shot, people didn't think that it was me, but it was me doing the backflip!" Jackson added, "hopefully, I won't break anything!" 

Frazier, in tears, said the call meant "everything" to her, and Jackson promised the two would get together in Los Angeles the next time she's in town, adorably adding, "I'm gonna be a mess, a hot mess!"

Back on Feb. 10, Jackson reacted to the video of Frazier's routine, too, writing, "#iLuvIT @IAmMargzetta!!!"

Stunned – because who in their right mind wouldn't be? – the gymnast replied, "WOKE UP SCREAMING I LOVE YOU I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE IT!!! YOU ARE WHY I LOVE TO DANCE."

So energized was Frazier by Jackson's call that, according to the L.A. Times, after their call, she set two personal bests.

"She is the reason why I love gymnastics," Frazier said to the paper. "I really try my best to make it a performance to entertain, and that's because of her."

When she pulled off a career-high after a career-low in the same meet, her head coach, Chris Waller, told her, "Janet didn't make it to where she was by not bouncing back."

A true inspiration to even the least flexible of us all.

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