Miley Cyrus mourns the death of her beloved dog Mary Jane

'MJ was a true queen.'
Published January 8, 2021 10:21 a.m. EST
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Miley Cyrus is suffering the loss that many pet owners know too well. On January 7, Cyrus revealed that her pitbull mix Mary Jane, whom she lovingly refers to as her queen, has passed away.

Cyrus posted a touching tribute to Mary Jane on Thursday by releasing a video comprised of pictures of her late dog, as well as the song “Mary Jane 5EVR.” 

“I wrote this song in Malibu years ago on a piano in a house that no longer exists. About my dog Mary Jane who is also gone now,” wrote Cyrus. The singer was referencing the home she previously shared with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, which was lost in a fire in 2018. Hemsworth was thankfully able to save the couple’s pets. “A lot has changed over time. Mostly me.”

The newly released song appears to be directed to Hemsworth, whom she was with in 2012 when Mary Jane was adopted. “Music is my medicine,” continued Cyrus. “This song revolves around loss & heartache. Which I am currently experiencing after Mary Jane’s passing.”

In her Instagram Stories, Cyrus shared more pictures of Mary Jane and included an interview from the daytime TV show where she appeared with her pup. In the clip, Cyrus explains that Mary Jane was a rescue dog and noted that pitbulls are often not adopted because they have a stigma attached to them of being violent, which Cyrus noted was definitely not the case with her sweet and calm dog. 

“MJ was a true queen,” wrote Cyrus in her Instagram post. “She wore her grace, dignity & kindness like a crown. She will never be forgotten and will forever be missed. To know her is to love her. It has been my honor being her mom and best friend.”

Cyrus provided details on Mary Jane’s passing in her Instagram Stories, revealing that her “best friend” had been diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. “I was told it’d be an uncertain amount of time until she’s gone. Advised to spend every second savoring her special spirit… which wasn’t anything new. I had been doing it for 10 years.”

Calling Mary Jane her “angel,” Cyrus said she will “never forgot the gift I’ve been given” which arrived in the form of her dog with “wings.” Cyrus describes their connection as “divine” and said that unlike a friend of family member, the pair were never mean to one another, never went to bed angry and were always loyal. “She has come to my rescue every time my heart has broken. Put me back together again. Going thru this pain without her magic power is so lonely.”

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Cyrus wrote that she was with Mary Jane as her pup took her final breaths and said she did everything she could to ensure the dog was comfortable. “She is no longer hurting but I am. That’s what love is.” 

The popstar ended her beautiful tribute to Mary Jane by adding that her dog passed away with “grace, dignity, peace and power. She lived by the golden rule of kindness and compassion towards all. She was strong when she needed to be but never for too long. She would never let her soul close. She lived so open. To love and be loved,” wrote Cyrus. “If only we were all like Mary Jane.”

Cyrus is mom to several animals, many of whom have become inspiration for her work. In 2015, Cyrus released her highly underrated experimental album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, which included a tribute track to her fish Pablow. 

The past year also marked the loss of another loved one for Cyrus. In August 2020, the popstar said goodbye to her grandmother, Loretta Finley. Cyrus and her grandmother often appeared at events together and Finley frequently popped up on her granddaughter’s social media account.

“I will miss you for the rest of my life,” wrote Cyrus following Finley’s death. “I will keep your spirit here by continuing to do good for others and treating them the way we all desire to be treated. With an infinite amount of the same gentle kindness you displayed daily. We will ache everyday you are not with us.”

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