Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves just adopted two adorable pups

We don't know much about them but we know they're GOOD BOYS.
Published January 18, 2021 3:10 p.m. EST
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Anyone who adopts a puppy knows that they are a handful, requiring a lot of care, attention, training, and activities. So we’d like to formally grieve the total loss of free time for Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves McConaughey, because they just adopted not one, but two of The. Cutest. Pups. Ever. just days apart. Forget free time, RIP their carpets.

On Friday the 15th, the Brazilian supermodel posted a sweet portrait of her and her new white pup, captioning it, “New addition to the family. What was I thinking!!! 4 months old,” then thanking the Humane Society for helping with the adoption. We don’t know much about the doggy from the post, but it is absolutely obvious that he is SUCH A GOOD BOY. 

The post received a flurry of congratulations, including from Miranda Lambert, Oliva Munn, and Reese Witherspoon, who commented, “Awww!” with a heart-eyes emoji.

Then, just a few days later on Sunday the 17th, Camila posted another portrait of her and a new sweet black puppy. “If you thought...what was I thinking with a 4 month old puppy...well how about with another one that’s 2 months old!!”

“Yep, got work cut out for me in the next months!,” she continued, “3 kids, 2 older dogs , 2 pups, 1 cat and my mother in law.” She’s joking about Matthew’s mother Kay (we think).

She made sure to thank the Humane Society again for the adoption. “Again, THANK YOU @humanesociety for helping this little guy find his home!! I mean... come on...found on the streets and with this little face he had to come home!”

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Matthew and Camila, who have been together since 2006 and married since 2012, are adding these cute little floofs to their already-bursting brood. They have three children, Levi, 12, Livingston, 8, and Vida, 10, along with two older dogs and even one lone cat thrown into the mix for good measure. Think of all the flea collars they must go through!

Back in September, Camila previously explained why just one pet has never been enough for her. Posting a throwback to her as a child in Brazil with a small dog, she captioned the pic, “My first dog here was named Bobby. He wouldn’t stop stealing our food he was very naughty! (I thought it was funny). My dad gave him away... so I think that’s part of why I want every animal I see!”

It's nice to see the celebs chose to adopt and not buy their pets, just like Bob Barker always reminded us: don’t forget to have them spayed or neutered!

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