Lizzo sounds off after getting dragged online for her juice cleanse

She still feels good as hell.
December 15, 2020 4:55 p.m. EST
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Lizzo is clapping back. After the “Truth Hurts” singer posted videos to social media revealing that she had recently completed a smoothie detox, some fans accused her of buying into diet culture and no longer being the body positivity stan they expect her to be. And Lizzo was not there for it one little bit.

“So I did the 10-day smoothie detox and as you know I would normally be so afraid and ashamed to post things like this online because I feel like as a big girl people just expect if you are doing something for health you’re doing it for like a dramatic weight loss,” the Grammy winner said in a video on December 14. “And that is not the case.”

Lizzo then revealed that she had a tough November full of stress, drinking, and spicy food. As a result, her stomach was feeling off and she wanted to reverse those effects and get back to where she was. So she did the detox from JJ Smith, a best-selling New York Times author who promotes fast weight loss. As a part of the detox Lizzo sipped substantial green smoothies, chugged something called “beauty water,” and snacked on apples with peanut butter, nuts, and cucumbers dipped in apple cider vinegar. She also took unidentified detox pills, and wrote a disclaimer that she was practicing safe detox methods with a nutritionist, so her fans shouldn’t try it without research.

The singer also shared videos of her body throughout the process, highlighting the change she saw. It was that, coupled with Lizzo working with Smith, that seemed to irk some fans most.

Not everyone was dragging Lizzo though. There were quite a few fans who pointed out that it’s her body, and any comments towards it only perpetuates dangerous and deep-rooted narratives about the ownership of Black women’s bodies.

Lizzo is no stranger to these kinds of conversations. It seems as though ever since she became a household name, the 32-year-old has faced criticism for one thing or another. From posing in bikinis, to sharing vegan recipes, to uploading videos of her workouts, many people seem to have an opinion about the singer, who has been candid in the past about how fame only amplifies your problems. And while Lizzo typically tries to use her platform to speak out on issues that are important to her, this time she called out the double standard of it all.


“I’m so proud of myself, I’m proud of my results,” Lizzo continued in her video, pointing out all of the positives from her detox. “My sleep has improved, my hydration, my inner peace, my mental stability, my f—ing body, m f—ing skin, the whites of my eyes. Like I feel and look like a bad bitch.”

Then the performer pointed out the most important point of all, which is that it’s her body and no one else’s. “That’s it. I’m a big girl who did a smoothie detox and I wanted to share that with you guys,” she said. “I got exactly what I wanted out of it and every big girl should do whatever the f— they want with their bodies.”

Period. Full stop. End of story. 

On Instagram, the performer took the opportunity to send love to “Every Body.” She posted videos of herself with body positive affirmations, addressing fans who might not be feeling themselves lately. Pointing out how important it is to be kind to yourself always, her message is clear: “Your body is perfectly yours.”


BEFORE YOU GO: Lizzo criticized for ‘promoting diet culture’ after weight loss videos

[video_embed id='2103129']BEFORE YOU GO: Lizzo criticized for ‘promoting diet culture’ after weight loss videos [/video_embed]

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