Beyonce announces $500,000 in donations to those in need

Funds given by the BeyGOOD foundation will help those facing eviction.
December 23, 2020 9:15 a.m. EST
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Beyoncé is once again stepping up to help those in need. On December 22, the superstar and her charity BeyGOOD announced that they would be providing relief to those facing eviction in early 2021. Has anyone ever actually seen Beyoncé and Santa Claus together in a room? We didn’t think so.

Santa Bey and BeyGOOD announced on Tuesday that they would be donating $5000 to 100 individuals and families who are facing eviction. The US has been following the CDC’s moratorium on evictions, which stated that landlords are not allowed to evict tenants who are unable to make their rent payments this year. The moratorium was made in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19, since keeping people in their homes where they can safely isolate is much better for public health than crowded shelters and multiple families living together in small spaces. This grace period ends on December 26.

The organization made the announcement in a statement shared on the BeyGOOD site. “This holiday season, while many are stressed with what they will do next regarding their housing, we are proud to share some GOOD news. Beyoncé is giving $5k grants to individuals and families facing foreclosures or evictions,” reads the statement. Those seeking assistance can begin applying online when registration opens on January 7. Recipients will be selected, and funds will be distributed by late January. The statement also confirmed that a second round will take place in early February.

Beyoncé’s latest act of generosity has also inspired others to offer help to those in need.

Several fans are also noting that the BeyGOOD donation is larger than the stimulus check offered by Congress in the US.

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Helping those facing eviction is just the latest in Beyoncé’s charitable endeavors. The singer and actor has been opening her heart and her bank account to those who have been suffering during a catastrophic year. In April, BeyGOOD worked with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to donate $6 million to local community-based organizations throughout the US, as well as UCLA and the National Alliance in Mental Health. In May, Beyoncé worked with her mother Tina Knowles to set up mobile Covid testing stations in their native Texas.

Beyoncé and her BeyGOOD foundation have also been helping small businesses, which have struggled throughout the pandemic. The foundation has worked with the NAACP throughout the pandemic to provide $10,000 in relief to more than 600 small businesses. On December 16, BeyGOOD confirmed they would soon be announcing their third phase of their BeyGOOD Impact Fund relief. 

This latest charitable effort by Beyoncé makes 2020 a much better Christmas for many, including Beyoncé, who has had some doozies.

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