Michael B. Jordan is People's Sexiest Man Alive (and he's starting an OnlyFans for his moustache)

We’d pay to see that.
Published November 18, 2020 9:34 a.m. EST
Last Updated November 18, 2020 11:02 p.m. EST
Back in January, during the “before times,” Jimmy Kimmel had a prediction that actor Michael B. Jordan was the frontrunner for People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2020. It’s a hallowed title that has been bestowed over the past 35 years to the likes of Hollywood giants like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Matthew McConnaughey and, uh, *checks notes* Nick Nolte and Blake Shelton. So when the mystery winner came out on Jimmy Kimmel Live! dressed up like a deformed yellow robot, it was up to Jimmy and the audience at home to figure out if Jimmy’s prediction was true.Question after question came in for the canary-coloured scary android with the demon voice, and almost every answer was no! No, he’s not married. No, he’s not an Avenger. No, he doesn’t come from a famous family. No, he hasn’t been in a romantic relationship with Taylor Swift (careful...). But when viewer Ashley video-chatting from L.A. asked if he was Michael B. Jordan, wouldn’t you know it, the answer was "yes." Jimmy’s prediction came true!
“That's my ESP: my Extra Sexiness Perception that I have,” Jimmy joked as he and Michael sat down a safe two metres apart. “It comes in very handy actually! This is the only time I’ve ever used it but it really works!”Seeing as how Jimmy is also honoured in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue (he’s listed as the sexiest 53-year-old), they had a lot of talk about. Like quarantine facial hair, which almost every man in Hollywood has let grow wild and free whilst under stay-at-home orders. Who needs to trim a moustache or a beard when you can have an almost Steve Harvey type ‘stache? That was definitely Michael’s goal, he admitted. “I want to challenge him to a moustache-off!” he joked.[video_embed id='2063041']RELATED: Michael B. Jordan in talks to direct ‘Creed 3’ [/video_embed]“I never had time to actually sit in one place and grow my facial hair where I didn't have to get it groomed or manicured or anything like that,” he continued, “so during quarantine I just want to see how much hair I could actually grow […] his name is Murphy! We call him Murph for short! Got the OnlyFans coming!”Naturally at that admission, a big whoop of joy and excitement went up across the audience.“You probably could make like $250,000 a year if your moustache had an OnlyFans account,” Jimmy exclaimed.“I'm actually going to start one but like all the proceeds I want to go towards a barber school because during the quarantine you know there's been so many businesses and schools that shut down, so […] yeah it's a thing!”Not gonna lie, we would pay good money to see Murphy’s OnlyFans. We don’t care what Murphy does, as long as the camera is on close-up when he does it!
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Since quarantine gave Michael (and Murph) a lot of free time, he admitted he’s been prepping for a role in a new flick that former Sexiest Man Alive Denzel Washington is directing, called Journal for Jordan, and he also managed to finish a film right before the lockdown, called Without Remorse, based on a Tom Clancy novel. So not only is Murph busy, so is his sexy host.All in favour of starting a People’s Sexiest Moustache Alive issue, say aye.The People profile reveals more details about Jordan's quarantine activities and his childhood. The publication also filmed a featurette where MBJ reflected on the legacies of two icons we lost this year—Chadwick Boseman and Kobe Bryant. "I think legacy is something that I do think about a lot. I've always wanted to leave behind something that would last longer than my physical body," he said. "A real impact. How do we make change? Where can I be used in order to make the most impact? How do I use my voice?""To see the impact [Boseman and Bryant] have had on people, on this world, I think they really changed people; they really impacted how people live their lives," he continued. "That's one of the biggest honours you can have."[video_embed id='2026131']BEFORE YOU GO: Michael B. Jordan honours Chadwick Boseman in heartfelt tribute [/video_embed]