Taylor Swift makes surprise appearance on Selena's cooking show

'If you don’t send me the recipe, we’re gonna have words!'
August 20, 2020 4:01 p.m. EST

Singer-producer-makeup mogul Selena Gomez’s cooking show, Selena + Chef (new episodes streaming Thursday on Crave) is just the thing we need during a pandemic: food inspo, motivation to cook and also knowing that even celebs can mess up big time and almost burn their kitchens down (okay, maybe that’s just us).

On the latest episode that dropped August 20, the “Come and Get It” singer pulled out the big guns when she Facetimed with her best friend, mega-global-superstar Taylor Swift, much to the surprise and delight of those around her in the kitchen.

“Dude!” she exclaims as Taylor pops up on her phone screen, “I wanted to show you!”

As Selena pans the phone down to her culinary creation, Taylor gasps, “What is that?”“It’s a Korean Barbeque Texas Breakfast Taco!” guest chef Roy Choi says, also on video-chat, as he calls his daughter Kaelyn into the room to meet her idol.

“If you don’t send me the recipe, we’re gonna have words!” Taylor jokes. “I wanna be served that!”

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Even though TSwift clearly needs no introduction, Selena provides one anyway. “This is my best friend Taylor,” she says as she swivels the phone around for her grandparents, also in the room.

“I’m very jealous of your whole set-up,” Taylor says, as the name key graphic identifies her a “Music icon/amateur chef.”

“And the fact that you guys are cooking together, it’s pretty great. I’m really envious,” she continued.

“It’s her love language, I think,” Selena says to her grandparents and Chef Roy. “I just wanted to show you, I’m so proud.”

“Dude, I’m so proud of you!” Taylor gushes. “Do you know how I’ve been waiting for you to become obsessed with cooking?”

The show, which premiered on August 13, features big time chefs like Nyesha Arrington, Roy Choi, Tonya Holland, Daniel Holzman, Jon & Vinny, Candice Kumai, Ludo Lefebvre, Antonia Lofaso, Nancy Silverton and Angelo Sosa, who each guide Selena through the process of making culinary delights perfect for those stay-at-home, self-isolating chefs who want to up their cooking game.

Selena and Taylor have been besties for almost 13 years and first met when each of them were dating a different Jonas brother, calling their friendship “the best thing we got out of those relationships.”

The new series Selena + Chef joins the ranks of Amy Schumer Learns To Cook, which follows Schumer learning to cook during the pandemic with her chef husband Chris Fischer and Double Your Dish, where Chef Rodney Bowers and his partner radio and TV personality Meredith Shaw transform one base recipe into, you guessed it, two totally different dishes.

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