Scarlett Johansson reveals what drew her to fiancé Colin Jost

They started off as friends and then things blossomed
April 27, 2020 1:46 p.m. EST
April 27, 2020 1:46 p.m. EST
Some of you might remember back in December when Black Widow mega-star Scarlett Johansson revealed on stage during her Saturday Night Live hosting gig that ‘Weekend Update’ anchor Colin Jost was the love of her life. We were all awwww-ing after that cute revelation, especially when Colin pulled her into a snuggle and cuddle for us all to enjoy. Just. So. Adorbs. Now, in a new interview in Parade, Scarlett has gone into a bit more detail about how her romance began with the funny man.Apparently, they met waaayyy back in 2010 during one of her earlier SNL hosting gigs. At the time, the Oscar-nominated actress was still married to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds (they would divorce a year later), and she then went on to marry French businessman Romain Dauriac, with whom she had daughter Rose. They later divorced in 2017. It was that year she and Jost, after years of friendship, became an item. “It’s so funny to have a long-term shared experience with someone and then the relationships changes,” she explained.[video_embed id='-1']RELATED: Scarlett Johansson could be our next actor-turned-politician[/video_embed]So what was it about Colin that made their relationship go from the friend zone to the end zone? “What you see is what you get with him,” she says in the article. “He’s very optimistic, easygoing, funny, nice, and those are the qualities that really drew me to him.”They now live together in a Manhattan apartment with her daughter Rose, and after Rose has gone to bed, Scarlett spends her Saturday nights watching her fiancé kill it with co-anchor Michael Che on Weekend Update. When asked if she and Colin have set the date for their big union, she reveals nothing, but we do know that she has laid down a few ground rules for Colin’s bachelor party.She recently told Jimmy Fallon that Michael Che is under no uncertain terms allowed to plan the party because he will most likely throw it at Port Authority, the dingy bus terminal notorious amongst New Yorkers. “Michael’s not throwing it! I know where you work, Michael!” she joked.The Parade interview, which was conducted before the COVID-19 outbreak and self-isolation orders were put in place, includes some glorious photography of Scarlett paying homage to her favourite baseball team, the Yankees, even though Colin is a die-hard Mets fan. As she tells it, “It’s a sore subject,” between her and Jost, but we don’t think this friendly competition will drive the two apart any time soon. “He just told me that he’d rather see the [Boston] Red Sox win than the Yankees win. Like, what?! I said I was just going to ignore that.”Guys, have the wedding now while baseball is suspended! It’s perfect timing! When baseball starts up again, someone better hide the bats and balls at Casa Johansson.[video_embed id='1947243']Before you go: Emma Stone lip synching for charity will make your day[/video_embed]

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