Lindsay Lohan talks new branding, Dubai and 'Mean Girls' reboot, sans accent with Wendy Williams

Lindsay Lohan visited ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ on Friday and gave us a comprehensive update on her life that we didn’t even realize we needed.

2018 LiLo is tackling some pretty impressive projects.  With her entire family there for the rare interview, including her grandma who was celebrating her 94th birthday, Wendy didn’t hold back when it came to asking the tough questions.

Within the first few minutes Wendy compliments the Mean Girls actress saying “I love your speaking voice.”

While it may have been innocently praising the 31-year old’s signature raspy voice, there’s an undeniable subtext that could be in reference to the bizarre accent she rolled out during her nightclub premiere in Athens, which she has since explained came from her grasp of several languages and efforts to read the Quran and learn Arabic.

Lindsay was grilled about her relationship with Oprah, after the notoriously difficult starlet delayed production of her OWN docu-series Lindsay in 2016, but she assured Wendy the two are closer than ever, speaking on the phone just a few short days ago.

“I love that I can say that,” Lohan said, adding the media mogul and potential presidential candidate “was really such a guiding light to me in my life. I’m lucky.”

The reality show was filmed during a challenging time in Lohan’s life, as the former party girl was tackling sobriety hyphened with a cross-country relocation.

But the star’s current residency in the UAE has proven to be the perfect match for her new humanitarian passions and clean lifestyle.

With drinking and paparazzi being illegal, LiLo told Wendy that she’s “found serenity” in Dubai and feels “very safe.”

The new geographic location is more convenient for her humanitarian campaigning as she’s since began working closely with refugee families in nearby Turkey and Syria.


#istanbul back with my second family from Syria... #beautifulpeople 😍

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When Wendy asks if Lindsay is ready to start her own family, the actress opened up saying, “I have a lot of love that I have to give and offer to children that don’t have anyone…that have lost their parents and don’t really have any light or hope in their life,” and caring for them is her “main focus” at the moment.

Lindsay also dishes about a string of exciting projects that include a lipstick line, a jewelry line, opening a second nightclub in Mykonos and designing her own private “Lohan Island” to be part of The World Islands.

“I’m out-trumping Trump with the name Lohan,” she jokes, adding that she still hasn’t forgotten about the Mean Girls sequel fans are begging for, assuring Wendy that she’s “stalkerish,” knocking on the doors of SNL’s  Lorne Michael and calling on Tina Fey to get the project started.

In the meantime, the musical version will have to do.

Watch the full interview below.