Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg at the Globes: no Trump, just co-dependency

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Golden Globes are this weekend and ahead of the festivities, co-hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg sat down with each other (and The Hollywood Reporter) to talk about what we, the eagerly awaiting audience, can expect from their hosting. Basically we’re going to see two “co-dependent soulmates” riffing off each other for three hours. Bring it on.

“The Globes is a great room for comedy, so it's something that I always thought I'd love to do. That said, I am so much happier to be doing it with you than to do it alone,” Samberg told Oh. “That's why I'm excited to do it with you 'cause you're such an incredible performer.”



The whole interview was a total lovefest, something that will be exciting to see play out during the show on Sunday, especially if nominee Oh wins for her role on Killing Eve. When asked what she’s learned about Andy, Sandra said flat-out that the two were destined to work together.

“I said yes because you were going to do it! Honestly, I said yes even though it was so terrifying to me, really terrifying,” Oh said. “I just could not let this opportunity pass me by, the life experience of being this scared of something.”

“We're co-dependent,” she added later. “We're soul mates. We're f--kin’ co-dependent soul mates.”

And they’re willing to do anything to make the show memorable. Including appearing in their birthday suits.

“I would get naked,” Oh stated simply. “Absolutely. If it's for the right reasons, if it's in my character, I would get naked.” When Samberg pushed her on it, Oh admitted she was joking, but she’s so good, she totally had him fooled.

“Honestly, you were so convincing, I was like, ‘Sh--, maybe I would too. If Sandra's down.’ You have that power,” Samberg said. “I was about to come out naked and you're all, ‘I was kidding!’ I'm like, ‘You're such a good actor, you fooled me.’”

So what’s the hosts’ mantra going into the awards? “Soft knees, soft sphincter.”

“'Cause you know my feet hurt a lot because I lock my knees when I'm standing and doing long scenes,” Samberg said. But just the knees aren’t enough for Sandra.

“You gotta get it alll loose, right? 'Cause then you get things flowing. It's happening right now. You just need to shake it,” she added.

Other goals for the hosts: shake Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hand (Sandra), tell Emily Blunt she’s incredible (Andy) and prevent Ted Danson from barfing in a tuba (everyone collectively).

The two added that they’re staying away from partisan politics but won’t shy away from topical social issues and injustices.

“Andy, what's a trend you can't wait to be over?” Sandra asked her co-host.

“Racism. That would be a nice trend to get rid of.”

“I second that. That is a f--king loooong-ass trend, and I sure can't wait for that to be over,” she agreed.

They’ll also probably be reaching out to Meryl to see if she wants to take part in an onstage bit, but doubt she’ll agree.

“That's the power we wield, to bother Meryl Streep with an email. We're in the catbird seat. We have the power to get polite passes from anyone in town,” Samberg said.

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