Ellen blames Oprah for tequila shortage after star-studded birthday bash

(Screenshots via Ellen/YouTube)

Ellen DeGeneres has seen the recent headlines about a potential global tequila shortage, and after her 60th birthday party, she's pointing the finger at one person.

"I don't want to blame anyone in particular but I saw someone sitting at the bar drinking all night long, I'll just give her first name: Oprah," Ellen cracks on Tuesday's episode of her talk show. "You can figure out which Oprah it was."

Ellen's wife Portia de Rossi threw her the star-studded bash over the weekend, which saw the likes of Pink, Pharrell, Alessia Cara and Melissa Etheridge perform. And Ellen shared the secret to getting so many big names to take the stage.

"Here's a money-saving tip for you: don't hire a band, invite all your musician friends, and it turns out they'll perform for free, especially when there's DonJulio involved."

Again, someone at that party is going to take responsibility for that tequila shortage. 

Ellen goes on to share that there were so many celebs in attendance, she had to start playing matchmaker amongst her starstruck friends.

"I was talking to Adele and then she sees Pink and she's like, 'Oh introduce me to Pink,' and I'm like, 'You don't know Pink?' And so I introduced Adele to Pink. And then The Weeknd was like, 'Is that Michael Keaton? Would you introduce me Michael Keaton?'"

Ellen sums up the night by callnig it "a party I'll never forget."

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