ETALK EXCLUSIVE — Kevin Federline on making it work with Britney: ‘Time heals everything’

Kevin Federline at Toronto's EFS on Thursday May 14.
More than eight years after he was blindsided by news Britney Spears had filed for divorce, Kevin Federline tells etalk he’s happier than ever. 

“Time heals everything,” he told us during an exclusive interview Thursday night. “It's been a long, long journey but I think where both of us are now, we both have somebody else, we're happy. Everything just works.”

While Britney and Kevin’s romance (and its demise) was the subject of much tabloid fodder, they’re both now in happy relationships. Britney’s dating producer Charlie Ebersol, while K.Fed married former volleyball player Victoria Prince in 2013. 

Federline’s also a father of six, including sons Sean and Jayden with Britney and daughters Jordan and Peyton with Victoria.

“You get older, you start looking at life a different way,” he says. “Kids will make you do that. Age makes you do that on its own.”

In town to DJ at Toronto hot spot EFS, Federline also told us Britney is doing better after injuring her ankle onstage in Vegas at the end of April. 

“She's obviously back to work. When I heard I was like oh man rolling your ankle isn’t fun, but things are good.”

Finding a balance in family and relationships, Federline says he’s also focused on being healthy and keeping an eye on portion control to keep off a recent 50-pound weight loss. 

With firsthand experience struggling with weight in the spotlight, he can relate to others like Rob Kardashian, currently fighting to stay fit in the public eye. 

“It's hard, you can't really tell somebody how to deal with it because everybody is different,” he says. “Some people get really depressed about their weight. I was in that state of mind for a little bit.”

For him, seeing a picture of himself in a pool with his kids in Miami motivated him to shape up.

Looking back at the height of the media frenzy surrounding him and Britney and when she filed for divorce, Federline says it was a “weird time in my life.” But he’s now at peace with it. 

“I enjoy my life now,” he says. “I live in the moment with everything that I do.”

Watch tonight’s etalk for more of our exclusive interview with Kevin Federline.
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