‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Melissa Rauch announces she's pregnant, reflecting on previous miscarriage

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
Congratulations are in order! Melissa Rauch and her husband Winston Beigel are expecting their first child this fall, and the actress opens up in an exclusive essay for Glamour.com about her difficult journey to parenthood.

"Here is the only statement regarding my pregnancy that doesn’t make me feel like a complete fraud: “Melissa is expecting her first child. She is extremely overjoyed, but if she’s being honest, due to the fact that she had a miscarriage the last time she was pregnant, she’s pretty much terrified at the moment that it will happen again," Rauch writes.

The 37-year-old actress, who portrays Bernadette on CTV’s hit series The Big Bang Theory, continues
in the third person, explaining she “feels weird even announcing this at all, and would rather wait until her child heads off to college to tell anyone, but she figures she should probably share this news before someone sees her waddling around with her mid-section protruding and announces it first.” 

Rauch goes on to describe the feeling of reading pregnancy announcements while struggling with fertility issues as a “tiny stab in the heart.”

“It’s not that I wasn’t happy for these people, but I would think, ‘Why are these shiny, carefree, fertile women so easily able to do what I cannot?’ And then I’d immediately feel guilt and shame for harbouring that jealousy – one might call this ‘the circle of strife.’”

In the essay, the star also shares her thoughts on women being asked probing questions about having children. “Ovary-probing like the following constantly happens to childless women of a certain age,” she writes. “’Are you pregnant?’ ‘When are you going to have a little one?’ ‘You’re getting up there, you worthless old empty baby dispenser…isn’t it time you breed already?!’ Okay, maybe the last one isn’t as common, but the sentiment is there.”

Despite the struggles she’s faced, Rauch confesses her experience has made her grateful for every moment of her current pregnancy. “I hope it will make me a better mother in some capacity when I can finally hold the child that has been in my heart in my arms.”

Read Rauch’s full story here.
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