Exclusive: Watch Johnny Reid's brand new 'Honey Honey' video

Chris Mejaski, etalk.ca

Johnny Reid proves age is nothing but a number in his brand new video for "Honey Honey."

Transforming himself into the more aged Uncle Ronnie Reid, the country singer rocks a retirement home well into the night, and everyone's down to party!

We were on set as Johnny transformed into Ronnie, and he told us how he came up with the idea.

"I think sometimes we tend to think places like this are sad and lonely... and I thought it would be wonderful to take a look at that and what might be happening when the lights go out." 

The transformation into Ronnie was a lengthy one for Reid, but with this time lapse video you can watch the whole thing happen in 60 seconds!

"Honey Honey" is off Johnny Reid's album "What Love Is All About," available here.