Ellen breaks down Saoirse Ronan's 'ridiculous' name

(Photo via The Ellen Show/Instagram)

Chris Mejaski, etalk.ca

Saoirse Ronan joins Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Wednesday, where the comedian helps break down the correct pronunciation of the Golden Globe-nominated actress' name ("Sir-sha" like "inertia").

"It's spelled S-A-O-I-R-S-E, which makes no sense that it's pronounced that way," Ellen points out.

"It makes no sense. It's a ridiculous name," Saoirse concedes, before revealing it actually means "freedom."

Ellen also asks Saoirse how she reacted to Dennis Quaid's unfortunate mispronunciation of her name, when he announced her Golden Globe nomination for "Brooklyn."

"Everyone kept saying to me 'What about Dennis Quaid, I mean that was something else, wasn't it?' And I hadn't seen the video, so I was kind of acting dumb, I was like 'Yeah, Dennis, Dennis Quaid, what a guy he is...' and I had no idea my name had been completely butchered on national television."

To help prevent that from happening again, Ellen then offers this handy, though not especially chic, sandwich board to wear during awards season.


Saoirse Ronan is here tomorrow! And she rhymes with inertia.

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Of course, Ryan Gosling previously helped clear up any mispronunciation, when he presented Saoirse with an award at November's Hollywood Film Awards.

When we caught up with the actress at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on the weekend, she was still praising the Canadian actor for his help.