‘Bachelorette’ finale: JoJo has finally got her mojo

(Photo via ABC)

Emily Zupnik, etalk.ca

“The Bachelorette”’s JoJo Fletcher has officially picked her man and handed out her final rose. 

The world watched Monday night as a tearful JoJo said goodbye to former competitive swimmer Robbie Hayes then jumped into the arms of former pro football player Jordan Rodgers. 

You know you’re in for a tough choice when it’s down to two former professional athletes. 

The final episode featured JoJo introducing the two final men to her family, and breaking out multiple rompers in true JoJo style. 

Her family was head over heels for Robbie and practically begged her to marry him. Robbie was equally smitten and had a heartfelt conversation with both her parents in which he asked for their blessing to ask JoJo to marry him. 

Jordan also met JoJo’s family, but they were not as impressed with him. They got the distinct vibe that Jordan was untrustworthy and were very upset he didn’t ask permission to propose to JoJo. 

The two boys then had their final dates. Robbie’s seemed straight out of a movie -- no drama, all love and lots of “aww”-inducing moments. 

Jordan’s did not resemble that at all. JoJo was pissed he didn’t ask her dad for his blessing, and the two seemed to be in a shaky place by the end of it. 

The next day the boys got to pick out their rings (shout out to Neil Lane) and got ready to go propose to a girl who still had another boyfriend. 

Before meeting up with JoJo, Jordan realized his mistake and called her parents to get their blessing. He also wrote JoJo an apology note, telling her he had her mom on speed dial and it was all good.

All good proposals start with the guy having to apologize for something right?

We then got to watch as JoJo broke Robbie’s heart and chose Jordan to spend her forever with. Or at the very least have a very public relationship with for six to 10 months. 

Since the episode aired, the couple has been making the rounds to show off their love and her very expensive and well-insured ring. 

The duo told Jimmy Kimmel about how special and deep their two month relationship/engagement has been and Jordan revealed it’s been a lot of Netflix and Chill, so you know these two mean business. 

They are now off to Dallas to live their happy life and cheer on the Cowboys, really sticking it to Jordan’s estranged brother Aaron Rodgers.