5 fave moments from Drake’s 'In My Feelings' video that had us in our feelings

(Photo via YouTube)

The music video for Drake’s hit In My Feelings dropped Thursday, and we’re still reeling.

The In My Feelings video, filmed on the streets of New Orleans, is an ode to Shiggy’s #InMyFeelings challenge; the 8-minute film features a host of celebrity cameos and shining moments!

Here are our 5 faves:

Phylicia Rashad

Rashad is easily the number one scene-stealer in the entire video. In her role as Kiki’s mother, she shows some serious sass in the beginning of the video, kicking Drake off her lawn while he’s trying to confess his love to Kiki (played by La La Anthony).

"Get your Jordans off my lawn," she tells him. "And when you leave, don't forget to go."

So. Good.



Shiggy doing “The Shiggy”

The man who started the internet sensation made a memorable appearance in the video. His extended cameo is literally everything we could have ever hoped for.



The part where it’s all just a dream

The video takes a turn when Drake suddenly wakes up convinced dancing in the streets of New Orleans was but a dream.

“I just had a dream that I made some song about some girl…I was in New Orleans, and I had a grill in my mouth,” he tells a confused friend.  “And then this kid from New York that spits when he talks all the time did some dance to it and the world did the dance, Will Smith was there…”




Shiggy’s Return

After awaking from his dream, Drake encounters a familiar face when his overly eager PA bursts into the picture.




We’re talking DJ Khalid, Ciara, Ryan Seacrest, Queer Eye’s Fab 5 and yes…..Will Smith.

Here's Will killing it during his take on the challenge:



Watch the whole video below: