Surprise! Nicki Minaj and Avril Lavigne collaborated and we are shook

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Stop what you’re doing and cancel whatever you’re listening to right now because our early 2000’s punk-rock Queen and early 2010’s rap Queen collaborated on a song that just dropped—along with a lyric video so you can sing along immediately.

Fans got excited when Avril Lavigne announced on Twitter Monday that she and Nicki Minaj had joined forces on "Dumb Blonde", the latest single from her upcoming album, Head Above Water.

Shortly after Avril’s tweet, Nicki chimed in to basically admit that she is exactly like the rest of us and has spent many hours blasting “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi” in the car. She also called Avril “unbelievably talented.”

Coming from Nicki Minaj, that’s a HUGE deal.

Nicki Minaj loves Avril Lavigne

Avril wasn’t leaving it at that though. She did the superstar equivalent of “no you’re the best!” and tweeted Minaj back that she’s been “listening to her for so long” and “knew she’d be the perfect artist to collaborate with on [‘Dumb Blonde’].”

And when she tweeted about the single drop today, Lavigne revealed the message behind "Dumb Blonde", saying it was meant as a rallying cry for anyone "who has been stereotyped or talked down to."


Fans were obviously here for it too. Let’s hear it for women supporting women!