The very best moments from TIFF 2018

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TIFF is always a wild week of celebrity sightings, red carpet photo-ops and jaw-dropping interview moments and TIFF 2018 was no exception. From Lady Gaga breaking down talking about Bradley Cooper to Ryan Gosling showing up at a random café, there was no shortage of excitement this TIFF season.

Here are some of our favourite moments (for better or worse) from the past week.


1. All the new talent

There were some incredible new stars introduced at this year’s TIFF. In recent previous years we met the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Jacob Tremblay and this year there was a whole new crop of shiny talent just waiting to burst into stardom. Canadian Stephan James (who was a TIFF Rising Star in 2015) sparked some buzz with his two offerings, Homecoming and If Beale Street Could Talk.

Then there was Patrick J. Adams making his TIFF debut after watching from the sidelines as a young Torontonian and then while filming Suits in the city. A real Canadian Dream story if we ever heard one.

And of course, there was TIFF 2018’s littlest star, Mr. Parker Sevak, who stole pretty much everyone’s heart when he threw up a peace sign on the The Kindergarten Teacher red carpet.

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2. Julia Roberts’ “First”

The actress may be a seasoned professional who’s been doing this whole acting thing for more than 30 years, but her TV show Homecoming marks Roberts’ first starring credit on a TV series. Hey, if you’re still having “firsts” after decades in the same career, you must be doing something right.

3. The rollercoaster of emotions that is Drake

Drake took us all on an emotional ride on the very first day of TIFF when he said he would be attending the premiere for Monsters and Men. He then let us all know with only hours to spare that he wasn’t going to be able to make it. Then, at the premiere, they showed a short video from the singer, apologizing for missing the event but explaining that he’s on tour right now so he couldn’t make it.

It might have been a bit of a bummer, but at least the audience got an exclusive Drake message. And there are apparently no hard feelings between the singer and the festival.

4. Ryan Gosling surprising a coffee shop owner

With Drake out of the picture, Ryan Gosling took it upon himself to be the Canadian celeb to treat the fans. The star stopped by a coffee shop just out of the city this week after the owner and some staff started a campaign to get him to visit. Gosling told owner Joelle Murray that he saw her posts and then it was his mother who encouraged him to stop by.

Who said social media can’t be used for good?

5. Ryan Gosling’s NASA jacket

Of course Gosling makes our list twice. The Canadian heartthrob not only went out of his way to visit fans this week, he gave everyone a little thrill by wearing an obvious nod to his new movie, First Man, where he plays Neil Armstrong during the events leading up to the moon landing. The actor was spotted several times around Toronto wearing a NASA denim jacket. Well played, Gosling, well played.

6. Geena Davis talking “Share Her Journey”

We’re so glad that women in the film industry has been such a huge focus of discussion and action over the past few years. One actor who’s working towards making a more diverse Hollywood both in front of and behind the camera is Geena Davis. She spoke at the “Share Her Journey” TIFF event about the importance of creating complex female characters and giving women opportunities to work as cinematographers and directors.

“The very next project somebody makes, the next TV show, the next movie can be gender-balanced. It can be fixed absolutely instantly,” she said, calling for “no more missed opportunities.”

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7. Lady Gaga’s emotional moment

Unless you’ve been offline for the last few months, you probably know that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper made a movie called A Star is Born. What you might not know is that the experience of making the film and spending time with Cooper changed Gaga’s life. She told etalk all about it in an emotional interview. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

8. Olivia Munn standing up for what she believes in

Right at the start of the week, there was some controversy over a convicted sex offender being cast in the new Predator movie. Olivia Munn discovered the information just weeks before the premiere and alerted the studio, eventually resulting in the pulling of the actor’s scenes. Munn received a whole lot of hate online following the move, yet she stood up for herself, saying she couldn’t remain silent on the issue.

After a few tense days, Munn’s The Predator co-star Sterling K. Brown, came out in her defence too.

9. Matthew McConaughey’s wild night on the town

Looks like McConaughey had quite the fun time in Toronto – as far as pictures show -- hitting up after parties and hanging with his celebrity friends. Our personal favourite is when he met up with Timothée Chalamet. Have you ever had a Matthew McConaughey bear hug?

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10. Xavier Dolan’s adorable letter to Leonardo DiCaprio

Canadian director Xavier Dolan’s latest TIFF offering, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan explores the relationship between a young adoring fan and the actor he looks up to. It was based on Xavier’s experiences in childhood of writing celebrities he admired in hopes of getting some sort of response. Ahead of the premiere of the film, Xavier read out a letter that he wrote when he was just eight years old to Leonardo DiCaprio.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.