Lady Gaga and Danielle share a cry over 'A Star Is Born'

Stars say all the time that certain projects changed their lives, but Lady Gaga is adamant that it’s really true when she says it about A Star is Born. The singer-turned-actress got teary with etalk's Danielle Graham when reflecting on what her young aspirational self would think about where she is today. 

“I think she wouldn't believe it,” Gaga said, breaking down, “I'm just so lucky. I'm just so lucky to have met [Bradley Cooper], he's just an incredible man and so talented and I just would never be here without him. He changed my life. This film changed my life. Not my career, my life.”

Both Gaga and Cooper said that the time they spent filming the film was less like acting it and more like living it.

“When I think about that time, we just lived that. There was no in-between space where I was Gaga,” the star said, “I was Ally that entire time and he was Jackson and we were on the road together and it was real life and [Bradley] captured it on film.”

“I said to all the actors that were kind enough to come along with me on this ride, ‘The movie may not be good, but you'll never see yourself acting in it. I promise you, it will be real,’” Bradley shared, “It was the exact movie I wanted to make.”

There is already almost deafening award buzz surrounding Cooper’s directorial debut, but the actor/director says he just wanted to make art the best way he knew how.

“All I ever want to do is create art that does the same thing that art has done to me,” Cooper shared, “It saved my life in a lot of ways and gave me hope and dreams and it's provided a lot for me, this medium. So to be able to tell the story and be able to have that effect on other people from the story that I've told -- that's everything.”

Maybe they should just give these two all the awards right now and save everyone some time!