New ‘Aquaman’ posters are here and they just may surprise you

Warner Bros.

To get fans pumped for the upcoming release of next month's Aquaman, Warner Bros. just released individual posters for the seven main characters and they are basically glorious paintings. Whereas modern comic book adaptations tend to opt for a certain moodiness (for The Dark Knight trilogy, it's baked into the name) these posters take a more whimsical approach and are not shy about colour, including, of course, so much aqua!

You’ve got certified hunk Jason Momoa as Aquaman himself looking impeccably fit and intense; Amber Heard as Princess Mera in a totally functional-looking wetsuit about to take on the world and Nicole Kidman as an actual queen looking regal, determined and badass.

Aquaman, Princess Mera, Queen Atlanna

Other stars getting the solo poster treatment are William Dafoe as Vulko, Patrick Wilson as King Orm, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta. Looking good, guys.

Vulko, King Orm, King Nereus, Black Manta

Aquaman used to be that goofy water character, one that The Big Bang Theory's Raj was forced to dress up as for Halloween against his will, but not anymore. In director James Wan's hands, good ol’ Arthur Curry has updated his orange and teal spandex and been gifted Momoa’s face and physique and NO ONE is complaining. These posters are giving fans life and excitement for the film is reaching a fever pitch.

Last month, an extended preview of the film was released, getting into the characters’ backstories and showing everybody in action.

And if you're wondering how the cast feels about their work in the anticipated adaptation, Jason Momoa himself says he’s “pretty f—ing good” in it and we're choosing to believe him.

Aquaman splashes into theatres December 21.