Oscar winners are going to have even less time for speeches this year

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Winners at this year's Oscars will need to be quick, both in their walks to the stage and their acceptance speeches.

Producers have told nominees for the 91st annual Academy Awards that they will have 90 seconds from the time their name is called until when their speech will need to be wrapped up.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President John Bailey told this year's class of nominees at a private luncheon yesterday that the sprint is needed to keep the February 24th ceremony to three hours.

Oscars producer Glenn Weiss points out it means you can hit the parties by 8:15.

Acceptance speech how-to is a standard fixture at the annual luncheon, which provides a chance for the nominees, from Lady Gaga to Rami Malek, to socialize ahead of the Oscars ceremony in a low-pressure environment.

But beyond the truncated runtime, no mention was made of the uniqueness of this year's show, where some awards will be handed out during the commercial break.

There also may not even be a host for the first time in 30 years.