Lady Gaga says she first felt success when she listened to Canadian radio


Even after Lady Gaga's premiere of A Star is Born at TIFF this past week, we can't get enough of her!  Vogue released another video in their iconic series 73 Questions with Gaga herself Thursday.

The video starts out like most, with her walking and answering questions with the camera following behind.  However,  you might notice this video to be a bit different than other Vogue 73 Questions videos. Gaga answers the majority of the questions while sitting in a beautiful backyard - her home? - with potted plants surrounding her while sipping on a cup of tea between questions.

She reveals her biggest pet peave, how she wants to be remembered and how she first felt successful when she heard Just Dance on the radio in Canada (We're proud of you too, Gaga)!

To see the rest of Gaga's anticapted answers, watch below.