EXCLUSIVE: Jason Momoa thinks he’s ‘pretty f--king good’ in ‘Aquaman’

In case you missed it, Jason Momoa is a bit of a big deal right now between his successful TV show Frontier and a little low-budget superhero film, Aquaman, in which he plays the titular character. He sat down with etalk at Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend and shared his excitement with these two huge projects.

“The big thing [about Aquaman] is that James [Wan] just made a world that we’ve never seen before,” Momoa said of the positive response to the trailer, “That in itself and the story was just great from the get-go – he really made a great script and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty f---ing good in it.

“I mean, my wife tells me to be humble, but I think I did a good job.”

Speaking of his boo, Momoa had some great things to say about wife and actress Lisa Bonet.

“I don’t want to share too much, but she’s kind of right about everything,” he said, “She’s just super intelligent, smart and just—she’s a queen in every way and I’m kind of her big dumb animal.”

Queens are kind of a theme for Momoa. He also talked about his experience filming with Academy Award queen Nicole Kidman. In the film, Kidman plays Aquaman’s mother and queen of Atlantis, Queen Atlanna.

“Hands down one of the greatest acting experiences of my life was with Nicole,” he said, “The moment where you meet your mother for the first time – the queen – and she’s unbelievable. I mean, that’s why she’s an Academy Award winner … I think she should keep up this acting thing. Mom’s pretty good.”

Momoa also talked the new season of Frontier. He’s excited about Aquaman, but the TV show is his baby and he’s producing, stunt producing, directing, writing and starring in this next season. He described taking a cast and crew of only ten people to remote locations in Newfoundland to film scenes – something that’s virtually impossible on a production as big as Aquaman.

“I’m super proud of Aquaman … but my heart and soul is, you know, I bled for Frontier,” he said, “The places I went with ten people and what I shot – it’s extremely cool for me to take a very small show that’s based in Canada and launch that while this little small movie does really well.”

Despite everything looking up Jason, the star is staying (mostly) humble like his wife told him to.

“It’s ebb and flow and right now it’s on the up … and right now it’s very positive and I’m just delighted to be directing and sharing Frontier which I’m super pumped about.”