EXCLUSIVE: Alec Baldwin has advice for Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber is about to marry into a very famous family, but can the Baldwins handle Bieber?

On the red carpet for The Public in Toronto, Alec Baldwin reacts publicly for the first time at the news of niece Hailey Baldwin’s engagement to Justin Bieber. “People who get married young, and they are very young, I want them to just spend time with each other,” he tells etalk. “Obviously, he in particular has this crazy superstar career.”

Alec knows a thing or two about marriage in the spotlight, and his advice for Hailey, 21, and Justin, 24, hits close to his heart, “When you're married... Like right now, I'm quite a bit older than both of them but I got married recently a few years ago. And my wife and I had four kids in four and a half years. We have a lot of little kids. The thing is, all the work I do now is based on my family. There's movies I got offered where they say 'Come leave town for five weeks. No we can't travel your family with you, we don't have that in the budget'.  And I pass, because I don't want to be away from my family. And I hope that they realize that! If you want to have a successful marriage, you have to be together. You gotta stay together.”

While a date for the wedding hasn’t officially been announced, could the much-anticipated nuptials happen this spring as rumours suggest? Alec’s lips are on lockdown. “I don't know any details! I know nothing!” …or so he claims!

Another unsolved marriage mystery: WHO will emcee the reception? Back in August, Billy Baldwin told etalk he wants his brother Alec to be the master of ceremonies. “Well, my brother has hosted Saturday Night Live like 20 times so I’m sure he would probably do a great job.”

Billy Baldwin has some advice for Hailey and Justin, too. “I said (to Hailey), I met Chynna when I was 27, got married at 33 and became a father at 37. I said you don’t have to follow that timetable. But you’re 21!!! Please enjoy your engaged life. Please enjoy your married life. You’re 21 – you have the rest of your life to have kids.”