Tiffany Haddish opens up about a racist encounter with Roseanne Barr

If you ask Tiffany Haddish, Roseanne Barr has always had a history of racism.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tiffany Haddish shares her early ‘00s encounter with the former Roseanne star.

"I don't know if you know El Segundo [a coastal California town near LAX], but if you're black and you're driving through El Segundo, you're going to get pulled over," she told THR. "I used to visit my friend Anna there, and it got to a point where I was calling the police officers by name. One day, we were walking around the neighborhood, and Anna says, 'Oh, Roseanne [Barr] lives there.' Now, I loved Roseanne, and the next day we walked by, and she was in her yard."

Haddish, a hug fan of Roseanne, then greeted Barr, who in turn, shot Haddish a disgusted expression before running back into her house. Initially Haddish took this response in stride; "I thought, 'Maybe she don't want to be bothered today.'"

She then told her friend Anna about the incident, suggesting that Anna greet Barr next time. Anna – who is Hispanic but “looks white,” according to Haddish – followed suit, but when she greeted Barr, she received an enthused “Hey!” back.

Thinking that Roseanne had now warmed up to the girls, Haddish attempted to talk to Barr one more time. “I go back, like, a week later, I wave again and say, ‘Hi, Roseanne! I love your comedy,’ and she (makes the same disgusted face) and turns her head. I think, ‘F*ck that bitch.’”

Barr was fired from the revival of her hit show in May after tweeting a series of racist, distasteful remarks about African-American Democratic operative Valerie Jarrett. ABC cancelled the show shortly after the news broke.

So it seems, according to Haddish, that Barr’s recent behavior was detectable long ago. “That was 2000, maybe 2001, so it's not new. She been racist, why'd you all give her a TV show?"

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