Jessi Cruikshank responds to Pride video controversy

It’s June, AKA Pride month, and to celebrate, CBC host Jessi Cruikshank created a video where she talks to kids about all things LGBTQ. It was produced in an effort to teach children about sexual diversity, however, not everyone is impressed.

It wasn’t long before the video, titled Talking to Kids about Pride Month was slammed by LifeSiteNews.

The site chose to publish an article with quotes slamming the video.  “This is sick. To use young children to push the gay agenda is monstrous and manipulative,” Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture, told LifeSiteNews. “That this appeared on public media makes it even worse. Then to tell children that your fondness for a star made you question your sexuality is further bizarre.”

Katy Faust, a children’s rights activist who was raised by two lesbians, echoes his opinion. "Teaching children to love people who are same-sex attracted does not mean “using them as ideological props in videos,” she said.

Cruikshank took to Instagram shortly afterwards, defending her decision to post the video.

 “The video I created to celebrate the beauty of acceptance, has started an ugly controversy,” she wrote alongside her post.” I believe in promoting education over intolerance. I believe people are born to love and taught to hate. I believe this video serves as a hopeful reminder that the next generation is tolerant, inclusive and sees the humanity in everyone.”

Reader response to Cruikshank’s Instagram post has been mostly positive, with many commenters posting their support for the host’s efforts.