Billy Baldwin talks Hailey and Justin’s wedding

According to Billy Baldwin, his niece Hailey Baldwin’s wedding to Justin Bieber will be a family affair.

In Toronto to promote this weekend’s Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer in Muskoka, Billy sat down with etalk, sharing his excitement about the engagement: “It’s so cool, my niece broke the Internet. I’ve already been talking to her about it, and we’ve been texting her a little bit…”

While he couldn’t be happier for his niece, he did offer a sound piece of advice for Hailey. “I said, I met Chynna when I was 27, got married at 33 and became a father at 37. I said you don’t have to follow that timetable. But you’re 21!!! Please enjoy your engaged life. Please enjoy your married life. You’re 21 – you have the rest of your life to have kids.”

While the wedding date has yet to be confirmed, Billy is certain it will be a star-packed ceremony. “Well, we could just invite the family and there would be enough celebrities – you wouldn’t need to have a celebrity guest list.”

He elaborated further, saying “Our children, their mother is Chynna Phillips. Their father is Billy Baldwin, one of the Baldwin brothers. Their uncle is Alec Baldwin. The aunt is Kim Basinger. Their grandparents are the Mama’s and the Papa’s. Their cousin is Hailey Baldwin, their cousin-in-law is Justin Bieber. Between Justin Bieber, Wilson Philips and the Mama’s and the Papa’s…that’s gotta be 200 million records sold and 10 Grammy awards right there. “

When asked who would emcee their wedding, Billy didn’t hesitate. “Well, my brother has hosted Saturday Night Live like 20 times so I’m sure he would probably do a great job,” he said.

Hailey and Justin got engaged earlier this month after reconnecting romantically one month earlier. The duo was involved on and off since 2014, and since reconciling, they’ve been inseparable. 

Billy, the second youngest on the four Baldwin brothers has been active in Hollywood since 1989. He is best known for his roles in hit comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall and OG film Flatliners.