​6 Golden Globe-nominated gents share secrets behind their performances

Chris Mejaski, etalk.ca

It's not the first time these five Golden Globe nominated actors -- and one nominated singer -- delivered standout performances, but that doesn't make their most recent nods any less notable! 

Whether revisiting history or surviving outer space, they made the movies memorable -- and sat down with etalk to share their secrets. 

Matt Damon, Best Actor — Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy nominee, 'The Martian'

"Despite this horrible circumstance he finds himself in he's got a really great sense of humour about it. So the key for us was how do we retain that, but also keep alive the fact that it's a pretty dire situation?" -- on his character

Bryan Cranston, Best Actor — Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy nominee, 'Trumbo'

"On the face of it, it's a simple story of freedom of expression. and as a person who makes a living as a storyteller, it's vitally important to me. We think suppression of that freedom wouldn't happen in an enlightened society... But this happened in the United States."

Eddie Redmayne, Best Actor — Motion Picture Drama nominee, 'The Danish Girl'

"What I find astounding about her story, is that she knew that she only had one life, and that to live an unauthentic life for her was not worth it." -- on his character

Christian Bale, Best Actor — Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy nominee, 'The Big Short'

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"It's bloody entertaining, you've got some really wonderful characters, not just the four main ones but all of them in this film. And you know who footed the bill for this? it was you, it was the every man in the streets, so let's understand truly what happened and then understand terrifyingly that it very easily can happen again."

Steve Carell, Best Actor — Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy nominee, 'The Big Short' 

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"There were some financial guys - -- some wizards -- that were giving us the lowdown. and we had a little bit of a crash course on what all of the stuff meant. It is though. It's like learning a foreign language."

Sam Smith, Best Original Song nominee, 'Spectre' 

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"I was just excited. I'm a 23-year-old boy, I've just released my first album and then I got the opportunity to write a Bond theme. That's unbelievable!"