Why 50 is going to be Jennifer Aniston’s best year yet

In today’s ageless celebrity news, Jennifer Aniston is turning the big 5-0. And if you think that’s crazy, consider this: she got her big break on Friends all the way back in 1994, although thanks to syndication and Netflix, it’s like Rachel Green has never left our living rooms.

Since then, she’s made her mark with rom-coms in the ‘90s, broke bad for Horrible Bosses, had a few (ahem) high profile relationships and most recently executive-produced and starred in Dumplin’.

But we’re betting that 2019 is going to be her best yet and here’s why 50 is going to look good on Aniston.

She's in a good place 

Everyone was shocked when news broke that her ex-husband Brad Pitt showed up at her bday party this weekend. Not to worry, he didn't crash the festitivies but was invited by Aniston herself who is that highly-evolved that she's able to put their acrimonous split behind her and not hold a grudge. Per People, she hesitated about extending the invite but ultimately wanted to be surrounded by the special people in her life, past and present, and was "very" happy that he attended. This is the energy we want to carry with us in 2019. (And also we'd like to have a martini or two with Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow.)

She’s coming back to TV

For the first time since Friends, Aniston is returning to the small screen. The new series, The Morning Show, stars Aniston and is positively STACKED with other huge names like Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. The drama will focus on the trials and tribulations of people who work on a, you guessed it, morning show. There’s no premiere date as of yet, but both Aniston and Witherspoon were spotted on-set last month, so fingers crossed for the fall. 

She’s got a busy comedy schedule

In case you need a refresher, JAniston is hilarious. That’s why were so excited that she's pairing up with another funny lady, Tig Notaro, for a Netlfix project about America’s first lesbian president. Played by Aniston and aptly titled First Ladies, Notaro co-stars as the president's wife and is also writing the political comedy with her real-life wife, Stephanie Allynne. Again, no release date on this one, but it was announced in May of last year, so we’re hopeful for 2019. Aniston has also signed on for an Adam Sandler comedy, her first since they co-starred in Just Go With It together in 2011. Murder Mystery is about a New York cop (Sandler) who takes a European vacation with his wife (Aniston) to reignite their romance, but end up on the run when they’re accused of killing a geriatric billionaire.

She’s staying away from social media

Aniston has always been focused on her health, with yoga, healthy eating and encouraging a more positive dialogue on aging. Part of that routine also includes tech detoxes, and completely avoiding social media all together. Earlier this month, she told Ariana Huffington on the Thrive Global podcast that she sets boundaries to help her stay present, both for herself and those around her. She also takes breaks from her devices, and is working on changing the fact that she sleeps with her phone next to her bed.

She's (still) doesn't care what you think of her romantic life 

With such an amazing year in the works, we really hope she’ll get some relief from the questions (and constant rumours) about her love life and the fact that she doesn’t have children. In an interview with Elle at the end of last year, she made clear that despite the tabloid fervour surrounding her, she is not wanting. “What brings me happiness? I have a great job. I have a great family. I have great friends. I have no reason to feel otherwise.” Amen to that!