11 reasons why Princess Eugenie's royal wedding was *actually* the best one this year

When you hear the words "royal wedding," it's understandable if your mind immediately goes to Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle. Or depending on your age, the wedding of his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

But there was another royal wedding this year, one that happened more recently and was arguably more impressive: the nuptials of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. They may not have been breathlessly covered by every media outlet (including ours) but Eugenie and Jack's wedding not only escaped from the shadow of her cousin's ceremony but managed to outshine it. Don't believe us? Here's proof.


11. She's a social princess. Literally.

While most members of the British Royal Family are super-cautious about social media, Eugenie isn't. Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter has been on Instagram since March of this year and thanks to her personal account, we got a preview of what was to come before her and Jack's big day, not to mention other events going on in her life. Somehow, knowing the pics she posts come directly from her (or are at least approved beforehand) makes it feel all the more special.

10. They had a "modest" two-day extravaganza

Eugenie and Jack's wedding may have happened on October 12 but the festivities continued the following day with a carnival-style celebration with everything from rides, games, entertainment, food stalls and plenty of cocktails but also didn't drag on for too long and tapped out at extravagantnot extra. That's how you keep your guests entertained: leave them wanting (slightly) more.

9. There were all kinds of celebrities in attendance

Sure, Harry and Meghan may have had some super-famous faces witnessing the "I dos" but we're still not sure how some made the guest list (we're looking at you, George and Amal). The stars at Eugenie and Jack's wedding instead had that cool factor, think Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Ellie Goulding, or got points for being a total and utter surprise—hi Demi Moore!

8. As long as she's got her suit and tie

Eugenie's childhood pal, and arguably the best dressed guest, Cara Delevingne, almost stole the whole damn day with her top hat and tails. What's best? We found out that prior to the wedding, Cara asked the bride if her sartorial choice was OK. Eugenie's response? "Of course, I expected nothing else from you!" We applaud her chill that even if her friend's non-traditional outfit choice was guaranteed to make headlines, she let Cara be Cara. Yaaaas, Queen, er, Princess.


Suited and booted @emporioarmani @chanelofficial hat by #nickfouquet

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7. Mother Nature made it fun for those of us watching at home

Thanks to the merciless wind gusts, the guests fought an almost-losing battle against the weather as they attempted to walk to the chapel with poise. Heh. Pass the popcorn.

6. Sarah Ferguson warmed up the crowd

It could be argued that the members of the public who gathered for Harry and Meghan's wedding didn't need any help getting energized but social butterfly Fergie couldn't help herself and we are here for it. 

5. Will and Kate snuck in some low-profile PDA

Harry’s bro and sister-in-law are pointedly NOT touchy-feely when out and about but perhaps Harry and Meghan's constant lovefest is influencing the Cambridges—in a good way. Obviously Will was by Harry’s side throughout his wedding but, by October, Will and Kate stepped up their royal PDA game in the sweetest, sneakiest way possible. 

4. The kids clearly had more fun this time around

Unlike Harry and Meghan's wedding, which seemed more on the formal side, the royal cousins had a grand time on that day in October and became instant memes.


3. Eugenie's tiara was the best tiara

While Meghan's choice (Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau) was amazing in its own right, the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara, also on loan from Queen Elizabeth, was spectacular, full stop. The centre emerald alone is 93 carats. Read that again: 93. Carats. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but when your grandmother is the Queen and you want emeralds, then emeralds it shall be.


(2/2) Now for my thoughts, because I know thats what you came here for. Just kidding. First off, I was totally surprised by Eugenie’s choice of headgear. I was sure she was going to wear her mother’s tiara, the York Tiara because of what her mother means to her and how beautiful all those diamonds would be sparkling about. I understand now why she chose this lovely piece as it brought out the green in her beautiful eyes. I’m also happy we finally get to see a new piece, another one the Queen has been hiding from us..tsk tsk! I absolutely loved Eugenie’s makeup and her amazing dress. She was beautiful and it was all spectacular! Congratulations to the happy couple, may they have a lifetime of happiness and may we see more of this tiara in the future. . . . Pics: people #atiaraaday #britishroyals #diamonds #emeralds #grevilleemeraldkokoshniktiara #history #mrsgreville #jewelry #monarchy #royalwedding #princesseugenie #eugenieandjack #royalty #tiara #royaljewels #wedding #kokoshnik

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2. A different kind of statement dress

Royals tend to go with classic over trendy, for obvious reasons, but while Meghan's dress received mixed reviews from the fit to the fabric, with even Katy Perry weighing in, Eugenie's was widely praised. Sure, it looked fabulous from the front but it was the back—the folded-over pleated bow, the deep V that showed off her scoliosis scars from the eight-hour surgery she endured at the age of 12— that allowed the dress to make a powerful statement about expanding the definition of beautiful. Wowza.

1. After the party, it's the after-party 

For their post-wedding private dinner, Jack changed into a tux and Eugenie traded in her Peter Pilotto dress for a sleek, badass Zac Posen number. He looked like 007, she looked like a vision and both were absolutely stunning.

Thanks, Eugenie and Jack, for giving us our favourite royal wedding of the year. Sorry, Harry and Meghan and every other royal who tied the knot this year.