Watch: Lindsay Lohan announces Harvard commencement speech gig… on April Fools’ Day

(Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Is LiLo having an Elle Woods moment or was it all an elaborate prank!? The actress and spokesperson shared a video Sunday to say she’s been invited by Harvard Law school to give a commencement speech, in what has to be an April Fool’s joke… right?

This requires some careful investigative work. Let’s examine the first piece of evidence…

“So I got really exciting news today,” Lohan begins, adorned with a flower crown filter. She later holds up an official-looking letter, saying, “Harvard Law has asked me to speak at their graduation commencement ceremony and I’m really, really honoured and I couldn’t be happier.”

The first hint Lindsay is tucking us into a bed of LIES is the mention of The Mean Girls star recently paired up with the online legal service website as their new spokesperson in a series of cheeky ads.

“My work with has finally paid off. Who needs Hollywood when you have Harvard Law!? AHHH!” LiLo screams with excitement.

Lohan’s either really committing to this Law school thing or she’s overcompensating for the web of deceit she’s weaving before our eyes.

Appearing once more, she shows off a red Harvard sweater laid out, winking as she thanks for the help.

What’s with the wink? Does Harvard always mail merchandise with its invitation letters? Psshh, doubt it.

The final piece of the puzzle cements our disbelief, as she shares an image of an additional letter addressed to her from the Oxford Union. Her caption reads, “Oxford as well,” punctuated with a heart emoji. Harvard AND Oxford? This is as believable as a sophisticated, British version of Lindsay one day bumping into her at summer camp and finding out they’re actually twins separated at birth. (We can dream).

Taking a closer look, a portion of the letter reads “Your work in Parent Trap, Mean Girls and Freaky Friday were one of the most culturally significant contributions of the 21st century, and helped solidify your place in our generation’s cultural fabric.” For the record, we completely agree with this statement, but this letter is coming from a prestigious academic institution.

LiLo has yet to confirm if the video was an April Fools’ joke, but all signs are pointing to yes. You’re not fooling us LiLo!